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About Summit Ministries

While many fear that Christianity is losing its best and brightest young people to apathy, addictions, and counterfeit worldviews, Summit Ministries is training leaders to have a significant impact, building them up intellectually and winning them back to a purposeful, Christ-centered life of influence.

 Founded by Dr. David Noebel in 1962, Summit has been the leader in preparing young adults to champion a Christian worldview. Christian leaders such as Dr. James Dobson and Josh McDowell have trusted Summit to help train their own children to think and act from a Christian worldview. Influencers like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, pro-life activist Lila Rose and author Joshua Harris are just a few of those who have attended Summit’s training courses and have utilized their education to produce life-changing results across the U.S.

 Summit’s main program is a 12-day intensive course of study that prepares 16-21-year-old students to think intelligently about their faith and engage the culture in areas such as abortion, economics, bioethics, politics, same-sex marriage, and leadership, among others. Through their studies students develop a robust mental model that enables them to understand the six worldviews that are dominant in the West – biblical Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism, Cosmic Humanism, and Postmodernism – and thoughtfully defend the Christian worldview. For more information on Summit’s approach, visit

Advanced Summit programs include a gap-year Summit Semester course at a Colorado wilderness lodge and a semester study program at Oxford University. Summit also sponsors events for adults and educators, as well as one- and two-day workshops from Summit’s Jeff Myers, John Stonestreet and John Hay. For more information, visit

In addition to its programming, Summit has produced books and worldview training materials that are widely used in Christian day schools, churches and by homeschool families. These resources include Summit founder Dr. David Noebel’s text Understanding the Times, which has become the best-selling worldview text of all time.

It is mission critical that at this point in history we turn our attention toward passing the baton of leadership to the next generation. The Turning the Tide Study demonstrates that it can be done. With the retirement of its founder in 2011, the Summit team – headed by Dr. Jeff Myers – is strategically focused on preparing courageous, thoughtful leaders to stand for truth in their generation.


For information on Summit Ministries, Jeff Myers or Summit resources, visit